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At Dealer Products, we use the latest AI and algorithm technology to produce incredible rates of first-generation leads. With thousands of directory, classifieds, service, research, and finance websites at our fingertips, we will advertise your inventory and services to generate leads that turn into real sales.


By utilizing our one-of-a-kind strategy, we can increase your ROI without sacrificing your entire marketing budget. How can we be so affordable and promise such significant results? Because we’ve tapped into a unique niche that other car marketing agencies don’t have the tools to utilize.


The goal is simple: get as many potential auto buyers to view your inventory as possible. We do that by rotating stock that is strategically brand and location-specific. Add to that a commitment to transparency, and you’ve got a program unlike any other.


Dealer Products

We work with independent and franchise dealerships across the nation to promote inventory and services. Since we own all of these websites, we have ultimate control over the content shoppers see. That means that we don’t allow for competing advertising that often confuses and overwhelm buyers. Instead, we focus on targeting location and brands to promote everything your dealership has to offer.


Franchise and Independent Dealerships

First-generation Leads are at Your Fingertips


Each site is built to make browsing inventory easy to encourage the highest conversion rates possible. The simpler it is for people to find your inventory, the faster they’ll be at the showroom.
Cutting Edge

Our tech team is always tweaking algorithms and AI to make sure they are top-notch. With lightning speed and superb targeting, you’ll receive more first-generation leads than ever before.

Search Keywords

The domain names we use match the most popular search phrases buyers use to browse inventory online. That way, they click on our sites first to see what your dealer offers.

New, Used, Certified

We create directory pages for every type of vehicle that you have on your lot. If you have something to sell, we have a website for your inventory.

Research Pages

With customized content and zero competing advertising, our research pages offer shoppers an engaging way to learn about the models on your lot.

Finance and Service

A dealership is more than a showroom: with certified technicians and special connections with lenders, shoppers will learn about the many opportunities you offer.


A Comprehensive Marketing Approach

How it Works

The best way to increase your ROI is to connect with buyers directly. That means they have to see your inventory, get inspired by what they see, and connect with your sales team. Our websites do just that with the guarantee that the customer information you receive is for your eyes only. We do not collect any customer details and sell it to others because we’re not a third-party lead provider. In fact, we’re just the opposite. Give us a try, and you won’t be disappointed.


Check Out Our Specs


Lead Generation


Direct Website Links

Exclusive Access to Leads

Transparent Tracking


Custom Content

Extensive Vehicle Details

Transparent Tracking

1st Generation Leads


Comprehensive Vendor View

Manage Leads

Dedicated Account Manager

One Report for All Vendors

100% Transparent

Easily Compare Lead Quality

Track ROI

Dealer Services

Dealer Finance

Research Pages

Directory Pages

With over twenty years of automotive experience, we bring dealers a fresh take on what marketing campaigns can do.

We Speak Car

With first-hand experience in the automotive world, we know how internet leads and sales work. That’s why we’ve come up with a better system to help your business thrive.

We Know Tech

Admittedly, we’re also tech geeks who love to combine our love of cars with the latest innovations in internet algorithms and AI. Our passion speaks for itself!

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Sell More Cars

The internet is flooded with so-called solutions to increase sales, but the only way to do that is with fresh content, the fastest tech, and dedicated account managers.

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Get More Quality Traffic

Because we don't rely solely on geo-targeting, the traffic that arrives on your website is interested in your inventory. All you have to do is put your best cars forward.

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First-generation Leads

We don't collect any data on potential shoppers; it is sent directly to your CRM so that your sales team can get in touch. Their contact information is reliable because they gave it to you.

We have the Secret to a Higher ROI

What We Offer Dealerships


Research Pages

Research Pages

Help buyers learn more about the vehicles on your lot with engaging content.

Dealer Services

Dealer Services

Most car owners are unaware of the many mechanical services your store offers.

Directory Pages

Directory Pages

With geo-targeting and brand-targeting, buyers will find your dealer's info faster.

Dealer Finance

Dealer Finance

Encourage shoppers to visit your store directly for their next auto loan.

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Custom Dealer Websites YES
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